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Cloud. Data Center. Cybersecurity. Emergent Tech.
CloudInsyte's platform simplifies and accelerates the due-diligence process matching a customer's needs and preferences with the best vendors.
Our Value
We developed an ecosystem that runs off our own technology designed to alleviate the time & resource burden of vendor selection and analyzing the cybersecurity & IT infrastructure landscape.
Expert Research
Our industry experts thoroughly vet hundreds of vendors and new technology annually, from infrastructure to software to cybersecurity. If it's IT-related...we're on it.
Vendor Assessments
By continuously collecting data points from our InsyteEcosystem™ of vendors, partners, and clients, we leverage our targeted assessments to reduce the time it takes to pair the right vendors with the right clients and vice versa.
Cybersecurity Services
We have expanded the traditional ecosystem to include a network of expert vCISOs and CISOs, helping them to collaborate on real-time security challenges, thus enriching our dataset for vendors and clients alike.
Friends don't let friends go through vendor due diligence and selection alone
Our team will be more than just your friend through the process of selecting the best vendor for your needs - we will be your experts and guides.
How it works
We evaluate all vendors solutions with our InsyteAssessment™ series of questions, answered by the vendors and our engineers as they implement and use the service.

We constantly collect data points towards the assessment for the vendor to provide an InsyteRating™ for the vendor profile in our database.
Our engineers perform an in-depth discovery of your company's needs and determine the critical areas where the right vendor will fit.

The vendors will be chosen from the repository of vetted vendors and if the vendors we have already vetted do not fit your needs, we will search for other vendors to analyze for you.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. We pair the right client with the right vendors and we are relentless in finding the best match.

Once matched with your vendors, we will follow up quarterly with both you and the vendor, to ensure that the relationship is still flourishing.
Intensely Data-Driven
Our team is as thorough as possible with the quarterly reviews between clients and vendors so that any additional data points may be considered in the overall vendor profile within CloudInsyte's vendor database.

In addition to reviewing our existing vetted vendors, our team will regularly review new vendors in existing and new technology and cybersecurity spaces, making sure that your options are best of breed in their competency.
We know we can help.
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